Fire resistant glass
Interior Fireswiss Buochs with glass stairs

Fire resistant glass

Glass is increasingly taking on the task of protecting against fire, smoke and heat radiation. Transparent fire protection enables smooth room transitions and efficient use of daylight. FIRESWISS fire resistant glass is a highly effective special glass for fire protection solutions in contemporary glass architecture. It ensures openness, transparency and natural lighting with comprehensive safety at the same time.
In order to comply with Swiss fire protection regulations, glass components must meet strict requirements. Swiss regulations are adapted to European standards. Glas Trösch orients itself solely to the uniform testing and classification standards SN EN 1363-1:1999, SN EN 1363-2:1999 and SN ENV 1363-3:1998 as well as SN EN 13501-1+A1:2009 and SN EN 13501-2+A1:2009.

FIRESWISS fire resistant glass

FIRESWISS fire resistant glass can be combined in many ways with functions such as thermal insulation, noise control, fall protection or burglar and bullet resistance.

  Class Function Description
  E Room closure without thermal insulation No flames or flammable gases on the flame-retardant side.
  EW Room closure and reduction of radiant energy No flames or flammable gases on the flame-retardant side. In addition, the radiant heat transmission must not exceed 15 kW/m² according to SN EN 1363-2.
  EI Room closure with thermal insulation Thermal insulation. On average, the initial temperature on the fire-retardant side of the glazing must not increase by more than 140 K or < 180 K as the highest single parameter at a defined measuring point in the edge area.


Fire protection products


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Accredited testing laboratory of Glas Trösch

The Buochs fire laboratory of Glas Trösch AG FIRESWISS is accredited as a testing laboratory for fire tests on components. A series of fire tests for national and international approvals can be carried out in Buochs. Test reports of accredited test centres form the basis for approvals of components in Switzerland by the Association of Cantonal Fire Insurers (VKF). Some other European countries also accept this form of verification of the performance properties in the approval procedures.

VKF Fire protection applications

In the register you will find all VKF fire protection applications with FIRESWISS FOAM and FIRESWISS fire resistant glass.

Fire protection register