Anti-bird strike glass
Bird-impact resistant glass

Bird protection thanks to modern architecture with glass

Glass offers many advantages to people. For wild birds, however, facades, walkways and noise barriers made of glass can pose a life-threatening danger. For as well as they are adapted to their natural environment with their optical sense, they can hardly recognize an obstacle made of glass created by human hand.
In order to reduce the risk of collision, Glas Trösch, with the support of the Swiss Ornithological Institute Sempach, has developed anti-bird strike glass solutions. BIRDprotect stands for bird impact resistant glass finishing, which demonstrably reduces bird impact on the glass element. BIRDprotect makes a valuable contribution to bird protection in modern architecture.

Causes of bird strike

Transmission and reflection are the fatal phenomena that lead to collisions of birds with glass.

Danger to birds Transmission through glass


The best-known cause of collisions with glass is its transparency. Birds discover an enticing plant or landscape behind the glass and overlook the pane on a direct approach.

Danger for birds Reflection in glass


Depending on the type of pane, lighting and the interior of the building, the surroundings are reflected to different degrees. If a landscape is reflected, the bird is given the impression of an attractive habitat. Without realizing that it is only a mirror image, it collides with the glass.

Products for the protection of birds


Bird strike resistant glass - SILVERSTAR BIRDprotect

For every application, the right bird strike resistant glass - Glas Trösch has contacted the Swiss ornithological...