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A panoramic outlook for all

Glas Trösch glazing for spectacular views at the Bürgenstock Hotel

The Bürgenstock Resort stands proudly above Lake Lucerne in the Swiss canton of Nidwalden, its unique views once making it a popular retreat for such well-known figures as Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, and Konrad Adenauer. The complex has now been given a full makeover – creating a new luxury resort consisting of several hotels, “residence suites”, and a large spa area. At its centre is the new Bürgenstock Hotel, a five-star superior establishment. Due to the hotel’s exposed location and the prevailing temperature fluctuations, its glazing needed to provide increased protection from both heat and cold. The product chosen was triple insulating glass with SILVERSTAR COMBI and low-e coatings from Glas Trösch, which ensure reliable protection in summer and winter. It means that the views can resultantly be enjoyed to the full without sacrificing any indoor comfort.

The distinct L-shaped structure rests on a glazed base, lending the building a palpable sense of lightness. Thanks to a bright façade made of shell limestone, the architecture projects a welcoming atmosphere and looks stunning from a distance, while the reflective glass surfaces further emphasise the hotel’s handsome aesthetics. The hotel features 102 luxuriously appointed rooms and suites, a restaurant, a ballroom, and a bar with views of Lake Lucerne. The glazed entrance area that houses the lobby, bar, and lounge is an ideal place for hosting private and public events – an opportunity for dancing and partying in a spectacular setting.

Heat and cold under control

While the piazza in front of the hotel forms a welcoming entrance area, a large terrace offers views out over the picturesque countryside. The southern end of the terrace forms an architectural unit with the L-shaped structure and features rows of stores with glazing on both sides and a glass-covered area. The glass front, designed as a mullion-transom façade, grants both hotel guests and passers-by (the terrace is open to the general public) unhindered views of the unique panorama. Protecting it from excessive heat and cold is triple insulating glass with SILVERSTAR COMBI Neutral 51/26 in position two and the SILVERSTAR ZERO Eplus low-e coating in position five: with a total energy transmittance of just 24 percent, solar radiation is effectively reflected and the interior spaces, which are almost fully glazed, are protected from heat. To ensure the good indoor climate is maintained in both the summer and the winter, the triple insulating glass provides protection not only from overheating but, thanks to an extremely low Ug-value of 0.6 W/m2K also keeps snow and ice out on cold days.

A spectacular view

Guests can bask in luxury at the Bürgenstock Hotel: every room has views of the lake, and some feature glazed bay windows for an even more spacious panorama. The two top floors are fitted with extra window areas – floor-to-ceiling glazing here guarantees an exclusive panorama from the suites. Insulating glass was used exclusively; thanks to SILVERSTAR COMBI Neutral 51/26 and SILVERSTAR ZERO Eplus coatings, it features highly effective solar and thermal protection and ensures a pleasant indoor climate. The total energy transmittance here is 25 percent; the Ug-value is just 0.6 W/m2K. To meet a wide range of requirements, the composition of the insulating glass was adjusted for use in different parts of the structure – as an example, the corner glazing was fitted with additional laminated safety glass to ensure fall protection in line with regulations.

An Energy efficient concept for the Healthy Living Waldhotel

Glas Trösch products do not only ensure an excellent indoor climate at the Bürgenstock Hotel; they are also in use at the Waldhotel designed by Matteo Thun & Partners. The “Healthy Living Hotel” features 161 premium suites and espouses an ecologically minded and energy efficient concept. Local building materials and roof planting help to create a building that harmoniously blends into the natural surroundings. The triple glazing used here, together with the SILVERSTAR ZERO Eplus premium low-e coating, helps to dramatically reduce energy consumption.




Bürgenstock Resort Hotel / Waldhotel-Healthy Living


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Bürgenstock Hotel: Rüssli Architekten, Luzern (CH)
Waldhotel Healthy Living: Matteo Thun & Partners, Mailand (IT)

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Ruch Metallbau AG, Altdorf (CH),
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