Glass partition wall

Glass partitions walls for offices, commercial and residential spaces

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Today, the famous four walls have to meet high standards. Instead of narrowness and darkness, width and brightness are required. SWISSDIVIDE partition walls from Glas Trösch ideally meet these requirements. As they allow daylight deep into the building, an open and pleasant living and working environment is created. Furthermore, they convince with clever technology as well as countless design possibilities.


  • Single-shell glass partition system
  • Noise insulation

Further information and system details

Schematic drawing


  • Multi-layered glass partition wall system
  • Increased noise insulation
  • Fire protection

Further information and system details


Vacuum cups for glass


The required glass panes are produced exactly according to specifications in the plants in Switzerland. Glas Trösch has been familiar with this incomparable material for over 100 years. The process and testing techniques have been continuously perfected over the years. From the raw material to the final product, the entire process is controlled. Highest quality is guaranteed at all times.

Glas Trösch Consulting


Personal consultations and precise on-site clarifications ensure that the images that the customer has in mind take shape. Each project is handled individually.


In close cooperation with the client, ideas are realized, proportions, materials and finishes are determined. With high-precision 3D laser measuring systems, an exact plan can be produced for every location, no matter how twisty. Experienced specialists also take care of service descriptions, standards, technical and formal requirements.

Glass furniture planning


The glass is pre-assembled with the necessary components and perfectly matched to one another with the utmost care. This reduces assembly times on site to the necessary minimum.

glass processing
Glas Trösch Truck

Delivery and assembly

We realize your project as a whole right down to the last assembly screw. The final delivery and assembly is carried out by experienced fitters. In addition, we offer a professional maintenance service for private and business customers.