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Glass solutions for the kitchen

SWISSCULINARIA - Individual recipes

The kitchen is a place full of beguiling smells, it bubbles, steams and sizzles. Here in particular, our senses place the highest demands on materials and hygiene. With SWISSCULINARIA, overall concepts can be implemented with maximum functionality. Kitchen worktops, kitchen back walls and kitchen fronts made of glass convince with elegance and a maximum of hygiene. The artistic design variety of the easy-care kitchen covers is boundless.

Glass covers in the kitchen


SWISSCULINARIA LONGLIFE NG is a hard-wearing and durable premium glass that stands up to even the harshest gastronomic criticism. The scratch resistance is outstanding, which is achieved by a special surface treatment and a hardening process and outperforms any conventional glass.

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grey matt satin kitchen

Glass back walls & glass fronts

Selected raw materials form the basis for a top dish. The same applies to SWISSCULINARIA. Only high quality glass is used for the back walls of the kitchen, which is available in high-gloss and satin finish.

  • glossy & matt
  • magnetic

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Illuminated glass in the kitchen


With Glas Trösch's newly developed SCREENLIGHT illuminated glass, which is just under twenty millimetres thick, kitchen and bathroom back walls as well as freely hanging pictures are given an enormous brilliance.

  • Individual image selection
  • High-end LED technology

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High-contact surfaces pose a high health risk and require materials that can be cleaned easily and thoroughly. However,...


High-end LED technology with almost invisible frame

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Writing board and magnetic board made of glass

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SWISSCULINARIA glass back panels

Design in the kitchen

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SWISSCULINARIA kitchen back panels

Kitchen back walls made of glass

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Glass kitchen covers - elegant, durable and easy to clean

A kitchen cover is exposed to heavy loads on a daily basis. SWISSCULINARIA LONGLIFE NG was specially developed for use in...

Tailor-made solutions

Kitchen back wall made of glass printed with design motif
Kitchen cover and kitchen back wall made of glass
Kitchen made of glass

Every kitchen is different - that's why kitchen covers, kitchen fronts and kitchen back walls made of glass are individually made to customer specifications. Thanks to a free choice of shapes, the glass can be adapted to the kitchen situation and personal requirements. Glas Trösch's kitchen experts take care of every detail: measurement, delivery and installation.

Glass can be used in many ways in the kitchen:

› Kitchen worktops
› Kitchen back panels
› Kitchen fronts

Pure hygiene

Glass kitchen lid with fitted sink
Kitchen back wall made of glass in beige colour

Due to its unsurpassed hygienic properties, glass is particularly suitable for use in the kitchen. The glass does not absorb or release moisture or odours. The extremely homogeneous surface is also easy to clean and easy to maintain.

Precise processing

Outbreak of sockets in the glass
Glass kitchen lid with sink

State-of-the-art CNC technology enables extremely precise glass processing. Cut-outs for sockets, hobs, sinks or steam outlets are cut to the millimetre. Glas Trösch has a special eye for detail in glass processing.

lettering on glass back wall
kitchen back wall lilac metallic
Kitchen back panel silver metallic glossy
Kitchen back panel anthracite metallic
Kitchen back wall white silver metallic
Magnetic kitchen back panel silver pearl metallic

The colour combinations, which let the mood of a motive shine in the most different light, are particularly ingenious. Once it appears light and airy, then crisp, fresh or cosmopolitan and trendy.

Kitchen back panel champagne metallic gloss
Flower pattern on glass back wall in champagne metallic gloss
white kitchen cover and glass rear wall

The NATURE COLLECTION contains a wealth of motifs. These include abstract graphics and patterns modeled by nature, photographs of high aesthetics and interpretations of traditional handicrafts. This is design for demanding connoisseurs.


Glass kitchen back wall with mountain motif
Glass back wall with bottle motif
Kitchen back wall made of glass with coffee bean motif
Kitchen back wall made of glass with flower motif
Kitchen back wall made of glass with flower motif

The market-fresh PHOTO collection enriches glass back walls with another sensual element. The captivating images come from the hands of professional photographers who skilfully play with impressions. The series with the juicy lime, the aromatic coffee beans or the delicate orchid blossoms sets eye-catching accents, while the mountain panorama, the beach or the skyline look like windows to the world.


Kitchen back wall made of glass with silk grey glossy silk cut motif
silhouette motif on glass back wall in lilac metallic
silhouette motif on glass back wall and glass door in silk grey glossy
silhouette motif on glass back wall in magnolia metallic
silhouette motif on glass back wall in anthracite metallic
silhouette motif on glass back wall in blue pearl metallic
silhouette motif on glass back wall in silver metallic
silhouette motif on glass wall in ginger metallic glossy
silhouette motif on glass back wall in white

With the silhouette series, the TRADITIONAL line focuses on an extremely attractive piece of Swiss handicraft. Artists from the Bernese Oberland and Toggenburg have created seven different motifs with pointed scissors especially for Glas Trösch. The unique features of these creations are their alpine charm, the graphic presence and the wealth of details.


Reception area Showroom Rothrist
Mirror as kitchen back wall
Glass kitchen back wall in white pearl metallic gloss

FLOAT MIRROR is made of normal float glass with one side sprayed with a layer of silver and copper. This layer reflects the incident light rays, which ultimately results in the reflection.

Illuminated glass in the living area
Kitchen back wall with illuminated glass

With Glas Trösch's newly developed SCREENLIGHT illuminated glass, which is just under twenty millimetres thick, kitchen and bathroom back walls as well as freely hanging pictures are given an enormous brilliance.

Red kitchen back wall
black pearl metallic glossy
ginger metallic glossy
purple stone matt
silk grey matt
white matt

The most beautiful colour fan in Switzerland is called COLORS and is only available from Glas Trösch. The fan captivates with 18 selected nuances, ranging from intense colours to delicate pastel shades. The range comes from designers who master the art of combining current trends with timeless nobility. COLORS are available in gloss as well as a subtle matt and definitely whet the appetite for kitchen tops with that certain something.

Glas Trösch Beratung


Mit persönlichen Beratungsgesprächen und genauen Abklärungen vor Ort wird dafür gesorgt, dass jene Bilder, die der Kunde im Kopf hat, Gestalt annehmen. Jedes Projekt wir individuell bearbeitet.


In enger Zusammenarbeit mit dem Auftraggeber werden Ideen realisiert, Proportionen, Material und Finish bestimmt. Mit hochpräzisen 3D-Lasermesssystemen wird fĂĽr jede noch so verwinkelte Ă–rtlichkeit ein exakter Plan angefertigt. Erfahrene Spezialisten kĂĽmmern sich zudem um Leistungsbeschriebe, Normen, technische und formale Anforderungen.

Glasmöbel Planung
Vakuumsauger fĂĽr Glas


Der erforderlichen Glasscheiben werden exakt nach Vorgaben in den Werken in der Schweiz produziert. Seit ĂĽber 100 Jahren ist Glas Trösch mit dem unvergleichlichen Werkstoff vertraut. Die Verfahren- und PrĂĽftechniken wurden ĂĽber die Jahre laufend perfektioniert. Vom Rohmaterial bis zum Endprodukt wird der gesamte Prozess kontrolliert. Höchste Qualität wird jederzeit garantiert.


Mit höchster Sorgfalt wird das Glas mit den erforderlichen Komponenten vormontiert und perfekt aufeinander abgestimmt. So werden die Montagezeiten vor Ort auf das notwendige Minimum reduziert.

Glas Trösch Lastwagen

Lieferung und Montage

Bis zur letzten Montageschraube realisieren wir Ihr Projekt gesamtheitlich. Die abschliessende Lieferung und Montage wird von erfahrenen Monteuren vorgenommen. Überdies bieten wir einen professionellen Unterhaltsservice für Privat- und Geschäftskunden.