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A speciality from the kitchen of Glas Trösch

As a modern and contemporary design product, the COLORS colour collection opens up new creative variations. COLORS is a colour palette composed by designers that is completely tailored to interior design with glass. The exclusivity of this collection lies in the fact that a new edition is published every two years. In the development, the colours of the sky and the water, as well as the environment, are observed, they get inspiration from customs, as well as from trendsetters. From these impressions they extract their own nuances - creating tones that are still in tune with the spirit of the times, even after many seasons. COLORS is a speciality from the kitchen of Glas Trösch.

Collection images

  • silk grey

    silk grey

  • powder grey

    powder grey

  • white


  • black pearl metallic

    black pearl metallic

  • golden grey metallic

    golden grey metallic

  • ginger metallic

    ginger metallic

  • blue pearl metallic

    blue pearl metallic

  • champagne metallic

    champagne metallic

  • silver pearl metallic

    silver pearl metallic

  • white pearl metallic

    white pearl metallic

  • black


  • indian summer

    indian summer

  • mahogany


  • honey


  • green apple

    green apple

  • green melon

    green melon

  • powder blue

    powder blue

  • purple stone

    purple stone


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