Hygienic and effective

HYCLEAN from Glas Trösch is resistant to neutral cleaning agents such as watery soap solutions and normal glass cleaning agents based on alcohol (spirits) thanks to an additional surface treatment. Therefore, this glass is ideal for any work surfaces or separated areas open to the public such as counters and table surfaces. However, HYCLEAN is particularly useful in wet areas such as bathrooms and toilets, swimming pools and spa areas, changing rooms, etc.. HYCLEAN is not suitable for sterile and surgical areas.

The glass is easy to clean and stays completely transparent. Its lasting hygienic effect has been proved - tests have shown that the number of bacteria species on the glass is reduced. Up to now, its effect on the bacteria E.coli and S.Aureus has been tested.

In a nutshell:


Brilliant transparency


Resistant to chemical and mechanical influences


Minimises bacterial colonisation; the effect on viruses is unknown

Product Information


The effectiveness of glass coated with HYCLEAN with wet surfaces, assessed after 24 hours under ideal conditions for bacterial growth (36 °C, 100% RH):

S. aureus 99.99%
E. coli 100%


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