SCREENLIGHT illuminated glass |

High-end LED technology with almost invisible frame

Thanks to its nobility, the innovative SCREENLIGHT from Glas Trösch has quickly developed into a dazzling star in kitchens and bathrooms, hotels, sales and business spaces. The secret: a luminous glass only 20 millimetres thick gives photographs and graphic designs unimagined brilliance. The mountain panorama seems within reach, the lights of the city sparkle like stars, and the elegant pattern gets a wonderful depth. SCREENLIGHT is versatile, brightens up dark corners, sets eye-catching accents and is the highlight on every wall. With the SMART-T-Box specifically tailored to the SCREENLIGHT, the illuminated glass can do even more. A remote control can be used to dim the light intensity and select the colour temperature. Your favourite picture adapts to your personal mood, shines fresh and bright in the morning or magical and discreet in the evening. The smart box is also available in the following optional versions: with a touch dimmer integrated in the illuminated glass, with a Light-Link interface, so that control can take place via smartphone, tablet or home automation. The Glas Trösch design team is available for advice throughout the entire production process and guarantees perfect image conversion. The ready-to-use package is delivered with SCREENTLIGHT and SMART-T-Box. Installation? No need for that. Just plug it in and enjoy.


Technical Specifications

Element thickness 19,5 -21,5 mm
Lighting Latest generation LED
Control SMART-T-Box with remote control for dimmer and tunable white
Optional control Touch dimmer integrated in SCREENLIGHT
Light-Link interface for operation via smartphone or tablet (e.g. Philips HUE
KNX-capable control box
Dimmer External connection possible
Setup Pre-assembled (Plug and Play )
Size Maximum 3000 x 1200 mm
Cut-outs / contours Socket cut-outs possibl
Bevelling on reques
Corner and edge break-outs on request
System tests CE testing of the whole system incl. SMART-T-Box
Optional design of the SCREENLIGHT in IP67
(installation in the shower or outside)

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