Laminated safety glass (VSG) clear |

Clear, transparent laminated safety glass

SWISSLAMEX VSG consists of two or more glass panes with highly tear-resistant, ductile intermediate layers of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) films. The structure and thickness of the elements depends on the requirements placed on the glass solution. By combining different glass types and film layers, SWISSLAMEX VSG can be used to achieve not only impact resistance, penetration resistance (according to SN EN 356) and bullet resistance (according to SN EN 1063), but also other safety properties such as fall resistance, fall-through resistance and accessibility.

SWISSLAMEX VSG is resistant to light and ageing. The edges of the laminated safety glass panels must be protected against the effects of acids and alkalis and against permanent moisture so that the foil is not impaired.

Unlike toughened safety glass (ESG), SWISSLAMEX VSG does not break into small crumbs when damaged, but retains its intended effect. The breakage pattern of laminated safety glass shows the splinter-binding property: it resembles a spider's web, which has a narrower or wider mesh pattern depending on the strength of the impact.


  • Laminated safety glass according to SN EN 12543.
  • Splinter-binding properties and residual stability in the event of glass breakage.
  • No impairment of light transmission. SWISSLAMEX VSG has approximately the same values as a single glass of the same thickness.
  • Resistant to light and ageing.
  • Versatile design options through colour foils, printing and/or special inserts.
  • Available as UV-transparent or sound-absorbing laminated safety glass.
  • Maximum dimensions: 321 x 900 cm.


SWISSLAMEX VSG is used throughout architecture as a safety glass:

  • Exterior architecture
  • Interior design

Design Attributes

SWISSLAMEX VSG can be further processed to:



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