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Fire protection class EW

FIRESWISS COOL’s performance characteristics are protection against smoke and flame as well as effective protection against the dangerous temperature increase on the side facing away from the flames, so that escape and rescue routes remain accessible even after the fire has been burning for some time.

The use of FIRESWISS COOL allows an EW rated glazing solution with remarkably thin laminated glasses. Depending on the requirement and glass type used, fire resistance times of up to 60 minutes are achievable.


  • Outstanding visual quality with no distortion or discolouration
  • TT Layers are based on silicate and thus produce virtually no dangerous gas or smoke in the event of a fire
  • Outstanding ratio of efficiency and glass thickness
  • Transparency and resistance from –40°C to +50°C ambient temperature
  • Large, type-tested glass surfaces in many common frame systems made of wood, steel, aluminium and fiber-reinforced plastics
  • Glas Trösch owned accredited test laboratory for developments and experiments on behalf of customers
  • Short delivery times since all standard glass types are available on stock
  • Delivery of stock sizes 2125 mm x 3100 mm or cut to size in accordance with customer wishes
  • A wealth of combination possibilities for design, function and safety
  • UV protection through optional PVB films, e.g. for outdoor use
  • Increased passive safety because the laminated safety glass meets EN 12543-1, classified to EN 12600 requirements
  • Certified CE product conformity


  • fire-resistant glazing consist of a thin laminated glass
  • effective reduction of radiated heat
  • allow a safe way to emergency exit
  • application in different frame systems


  • Internal application
  • External application

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