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Modular facades, flush-fitted facade windows and skylights

Composite glazing is a unique building skin made of insulating glass and bonded profiles of glassfibre reinforced plastic (GRP). The latter possesses outstanding structural and thermal properties, making it ideally suited for bonding to glass. These elegant composite elements are used in construction as modular facades, flush-fitted facade windows or skylights.

Composite glazing is dedicated to the principles of contemporary design and energy efficiency. Large glass areas with the slimmest possible frames satisfy this requirement. If the glass to frame area ratio of a window is increased, the result is a simultaneous increase in incident light and solar gain. Moreover, heat losses are reduced.

Additional information

All-glass facades

With composite glazing, all-glass facades can be designed with a discreet and harmonious look because it allows large elements to be used in combination with slender joints. This novel modular facade is designed in accordance with SSG principles (structural sealant glazing).

Flush-fitted fixed facade glazing

Used as fixed glazing, composite glazing stands out for two radical new features:
The element can be realised as a window that is both flush-fitting and frameless. Especially ambitious designers will even implement glazing solutions that project from the facade!


A skylight for fitting into flat roofs is the latest addition to the composite-glazing family. Here, too, unostentatious design and excellent structural and thermal values are the outstanding characteristics. Sophisticated materials to meet the most exacting demands, tailor-made to customer requirements.


  • Composite element made of laminated safety glass or insulating glass and GRP profiles.
  • Outstanding U values thanks to highly insulating glass design: maximum glass – minimum frame.
  • May be used as all-glass facade, fixed glazing or skylight.
  • An exceptional solution for every application.
  • Allows architectural freedom thanks to a range of jointing designs, printed patterns and shapes.
  • Environment-friendly: Easy to recycle by breaking down into the original components.

Design Attributes

  • SILVERSTAR Insulating glass for thermal insulation and sun protection
  • SWISSDUREX Safety and design with monolithic safety glass
  • SWISSLAMEX Safety and design with laminated safety glass
  • FIRESWISS Fire-resistant glass
  • SWISSFORM Design with curved glass
  • ACSplus Edge seal system



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