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High-quality edge seal for insulating glass

The ACSplus (Anti Condensation System) insulating glass edge seal system achieves improved thermal insulation in the window edge area compared to conventional spacers. The glass surface temperature remains significantly higher, thus preventing condensation in the interior. ACSplus is a consistent further development of the existing silicone-based system with even better thermal insulation properties, which can reduce the window U-value (Uw) by up to 0.3 W/m2K.
The fully automatic processing with the most modern equipment enables the highest precision when applying the edge seal. In this way, we achieve maximum parallelism with triple insulating glass, this prevents unnecessary misalignment and is also convincing in terms of aesthetics. The ACSplus is flexible in its form and adapts optimally to the conditions. In addition to its outstanding physical qualities, ACSplus impresses with its small edge width. The homogeneous material and the colouring in black or grey ensure a noble surface appearance.


  • Improved thermal insulation at the edges.
  • Nearly no condensation at the edges.
  • Improvement of the window U-value up to 0.3 W/m²K depending on the construction.
  • Excellent appearance thanks to minimal spacer dimensions.
  • The silicone matrix is available in grey and black.


  • ACSplus is recommended for all insulating glass windows.
  • Minergie and passive houses

Design Attributes

The edge seal is universally applicable and standard for every high-quality SILVERSTAR insulating glass.



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