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Translucent special glass with mirror effect

The BEAMSPLITTER GLASS has the property to reflect a part of the incident light and to transmit a part. A one-sided interference-optical coating ensures a colour-neutral and absorption-free division of the light. The targeted influence of light reflection and light transmission leads to interesting design possibilities in interior and exterior architecture as well as in technical areas.

BEAMSPLITTER GLASS are used, for example, in television technology for teleprompters. The monitor text appears clearly legible over the BEAMSPLITTER GLASS in front of the camera lens; thanks to the transparency of the semi-transparent mirror, the function of the camera is not impaired. Other technical applications include the manufacture of laser devices, measurement technology and driving and flight simulators. In architecture and design, BEAMSPLITTER GLASS are used for information displays and screens, but also for variable room installations.

Technical data


70/30 % 50/50 %
Light transmission (coated side) 70% 50%
Light reflectance (coated side) 30% 50%


  • Double effect of reflection and light transmission.
  • Choice between two degrees of light transmission and reflection.
  • The coating is abrasion resistant, weather resistant and has low absorption.
  • In order to avoid double images, the divider mirrors from Glas Trösch can be provided with an anti-reflection coating.
  • Available as float glass, laminated safety glass or toughened safety glass (only 70/30, not 50/50).
  • No to low UV transmission.
  • Available as single glass in thicknesses 3 - 12 mm.
  • Dimensions to measure up to a maximum of 321 x 190 cm.


BEAMSPLITTER GLASS are used where a high light transmission with a simultaneous mirror effect is desired:

  • Television technology, teleprompters
  • Metrology
  • Driving and flight simulators
  • Information displays and screens


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