Decorative glass and stone combination

SWISSLAMEX STONE creates a combination of glass and stone/marble that shines a totally new light on the oldest raw material in the world. A standard range of 42 stone/marble types and individually adaptable stone thicknesses down to a minimum of 0.7 mm offers a wealth of opportunities. The stone/marble can be processed as a polished surface, single-sided behind glass or between two sheets of glass. By employing suitable light sources, the result is a unique new look.


  • Decorative glass produced as a laminated safety glass with its inherent active and passive safety properties
  • 42 different stone/marble types available as a standard range. Other stone/marble types available on request.
  • Various structural options with the stone as a polished surface, single-sided behind glass or laminated between two sheets of glass.
  • Custom sizes up to a maximum of 2520 x 1320 mm; the stone sheets can be joined to form a larger sheet of glass with a barely perceptible joint.
  • Reduced weight in comparison to pure stone.
  • High translucency, depending on the stone thickness.
  • Individually adaptable stone thicknesses down to a minimum of 0.7 mm.
  • The decorative glass is also available in curved form.
  • Product range tested in accordance with DIN EN 12543.


  • Facade elements
  • Wall claddings
  • Glass walls
  • Floor panels
  • Kitchen worktops and splashbacks
  • Furniture fronts
  • Table tops

Product Information


This is a natural product. We have in principle access to 1,000 different stone types and are able to offer these according to the project. As a general principle, the availability and quantity must be clarified on a project-by-project basis for the standard range

Collection images

  • elegant brown

    elegant brown

  • fossil black

    fossil black

  • fossil brown

    fossil brown

  • fusion


  • giallo veneziano

    giallo veneziano

  • golden macaubas

    golden macaubas

  • golden persa

    golden persa

  • imperial white

    imperial white

  • irish green

    irish green

  • ivory brown

    ivory brown

  • ivory milky white

    ivory milky white

  • juparana bordeaux

    juparana bordeaux

  • juparana colombo

    juparana colombo

  • kashmir gold

    kashmir gold

  • kashmir white

    kashmir white

  • labrador blue

    labrador blue

  • luise blue

    luise blue

  • nacarado


  • nerinea


  • nero marinace

    nero marinace

  • quarzite cielo

    quarzite cielo

  • red jasper

    red jasper

  • rosa ghiandone

    rosa ghiandone

  • rosso levanto

    rosso levanto

  • rosso marinace

    rosso marinace

  • taj mahal

    taj mahal

  • van goch

    van goch

  • verde bamboo

    verde bamboo

  • verde lapponia

    verde lapponia

  • verde marinace

    verde marinace

  • white flower

    white flower

  • azul bahia

    azul bahia

  • azul macaubas

    azul macaubas

  • azul platino

    azul platino

  • baltic brown

    baltic brown

  • bianco antico

    bianco antico

  • brecchua pontifica

    brecchua pontifica

  • breche de vendome

    breche de vendome

  • brown antique

    brown antique

  • brown chocolate

    brown chocolate

  • capo lavoro

    capo lavoro

  • covelano



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