Large format glass facades SWISSGLAZING |

Large format glass facades without visible construction

With the SWISSGLAZING glass façade system, large-format glass façades can be realised with a free span of the individual glass elements of up to 6 metres in height. This is made possible by a new generation of laminated safety glass SWISSGLAZING ULTRA STRONG, which is characterised by increased rigidity and strength compared to conventional laminated safety glass. By using this glass façade system, a visible façade construction can be dispensed with, which ensures a unique transverse view in the façade.


  • Spans of up to 6 metres are possible.
  • Highest transparency, as there is no visible facade construction.
  • For facades with high wind loads.
  • The glass structures are selected in such a way that a deformation of L/100 is not exceeded under maximum load.
  • Cost savings due to the elimination of the post-and-beam construction.
  • Also an application in the form of glass lamellas is given.
  • Individual design possibilities with laminated safety glass.
  • Room-high glazing generally protects against falling.
  • No time-consuming static calculations, because a type statics exists for the given glass superstructures.


  • Large-format curtain-type glass facades

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