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Multifunctional thermal insulation glass with basic protection for birds

SILVERSTAR EN2plus is an ideal component for climate-friendly construction. The innovative thermal insulation glass ensures maximum thermal insulation, allows plenty of daylight through and guarantees optimum passive use of solar energy. With these outstanding properties, the insulating glass increases the feeling of well-being inside the room and at the same time reduces the costs for heating energy. With reduced light reflection of 14%, it also has integrated basic protection for birds and prevents almost any collision with the glazing.


  • Triple insulating glass for efficient thermal insulation and passive use of solar energy.
  • Ug-value up to 0.5 W/m²K, g-value 53%.
  • Lots of daylight. Light transmission of 74%.
  • The external reflection of 14% is below the defined limit value of the Swiss Ornithological Institute, so that the thermal insulation glass provides basic protection for birds against collisions.
  • Warm edge thanks to the ACSplus edge sealing system.
  • Depending on the application, SILVERSTAR EN2plus can also be combined with the required noise control and safety functions.
  • Part of the SILVERSTAR E-Line as type E5.

Technical Specifications

Technical data SILVERSTAR EN2plus triple insulating glass. Extract from the SILVERSTAR E-Line 3 × 4 mm float glass. As of 2013.

Type of insulating glass Element thickness (mm) Ug-value (W/m2K) g-value (%) Degree of light transmission (%) Degree of light reflection (%) Sound insulation value RW (dB)
E5-11 32 0,8 53 74 14 32
E5-22 32 0,7 53 74 14 32
E5-33 32 0,6 53 74 14 32
E5-41 36 0,7 53 74 14 33
E5-52 36 0,6 53 74 14 33
E5-63 36 0,5 53 74 14 33
E5-71 40 0,6 53 74 14 33

1 Insulating glass assemblies with optimised price-performance ratio.
2 Insulating glass assemblies with optimised gaps between the panes (thinner elements thanks to special noble gas fillings).
3 insulating glass assemblies with small gaps between the panes (particularly small element thicknesses thanks to special noble gas fillings).


SILVERSTAR EN2plus thermal insulation glass is the new standard in modern architecture with glass:

  • Residential construction
  • Office buildings
  • New buildings and renovations
  • Minergie and passive houses

Design Attributes

SILVERSTAR EN2plus can be combined with many other Glas Trösch products:

Facade systems:



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