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Glas Trösch for private customers

With its enormous versatility, glass is the absolute star among modern building materials, because glass gives small rooms size, opens up the view of nature, the spectacular skyline and the night sky, separates and combines at the same time and thus opens up completely new dimensions in the design of private homes.

Whether you are planning to build a house, give your four walls a more modern look or replace a broken tabletop - at Glas Trösch you will always receive professional and open advice. As a leading Swiss glass processor, Glas Trösch also guarantees first-class quality and unique service.

Offer and service

  • Everything made of glass for interior fittings: showers, kitchen covers and back walls, doors, railings, partitions walls
  • Special constructions
  • Glasses in different thicknesses: Float glasses from transparent to extra white to coloured, glasses with special structures, mirrors
  • Safety glass (toughened safety glass and laminated safety glass)
  • Insulating glasses
  • Glass blanks made to measure
  • Glass bonding
  • Repairs
  • Competent project consulting, exact measurement on site, professional delivery, quick and clean installation
  • Convincing services

This has convinced thousands of private customers

Made in Switzerland

All Glas Trösch products are processed with a great degree of know-how, care and precision. Since all glass elements are manufactured in Switzerland, continuous control of the individual production steps is ensured. This is one of the reasons why Glas Trösch products can bear the "True Swiss Quality" seal of approval. Creativity and technical progress are evident in the specially developed INTERIEUR system solutions, which set new standards in the interior.

Contact persons in your area

With over 20 branches, Glas Trösch is at home throughout Switzerland. This enables a fast and flexible handling of the projects, and the technical consultants can respond even better to your wishes.

See, touch and love glass

Glass is shown in all its facets in seven elaborately staged exhibition rooms. Stroke your fingertips over different kitchen covers, look at the latest designer colours and samples, and experience how silently the doors of the glass showers open and close. Showrooms are located in St. Gallen, Volketswil, Oensingen and Steffisburg.

Are you looking for new ideas?

To date, Glas Trösch has completed tens of thousands of projects. A tour through the collection of reference pictures offers a lot of material for inspiration. Further suggestions can be found in the chapter Ideas made of glass. Of course you can also come directly to Glas Trösch with your idea. The glass specialists will show you how your ideas can be implemented.


Advice and sales for private customers
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We would be happy to make you a tailor-made offer or visit you at home to discuss your ideas. Please do not hesitate to contact us.