Windows, french doors and facade
floor-to-ceiling window glass

Glass for windows, french doors and facades

The insulating glass used today is the result of continuous further development and improvement of the good "old window". Large windows, window fronts and glass facades bring brightness and quality of life. Modern, coated multi-pane insulating glass meets the highest requirements and convinces as a translucent building material with excellent thermal insulation and sun protection properties. It requires a small installation depth and achieves top values that meet the needs and requirements of modern architecture. For example in thermal insulation, sun protection, sound insulation and fire protection, all with impeccable safety and high light incidence.

Ug values of 0.4 W/mÂČK or sound insulation values of around 50 dB are possible today. In addition to the highest degree of thermal insulation, energy gains are also possible through passive use of solar energy. Insulating glass is a well thought-out and long researched high-performance building material.