Gardens and green areas
Garden privacy and wind protection with glass

Gardens and green areas

Glass can be used in many ways and can no longer be ignored in the design of architecture and art. Outdoor seating also places increasing demands on ambience and aesthetics. New solutions for the design of gardens and public open spaces are more in need than ever. Glas Trösch offers you solutions that are in harmony with functionality and appearance, yet still leave room for individual design.

Glass offers itself optimally in its versatility and the numerous positive characteristics, because glass... works easily, can be combined well with other materials, can be integrated subtly into the landscape, is resistant against weathering, age and UV radiation, is stable and nevertheless from optical ease, is easy to clean, is not attacked by moulds, is corrosion-resistant, releases no moisture and takes none up, offers infinite application and design possibilities and leaves room open for fantasy and design.


Bird strike resistant glass - SILVERSTAR BIRDprotect

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Garden design with glass

Glass convinces as a creative and functional element in garden architecture. The possible applications are extremely diverse,...